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Riba Mundo Tecnología is a tech company with legal, operational and logistics headquarters in Valencia (Spain). Currently we buy and sell internationally in the B2B segment in the consumer electronics sector. Our business model is based on Omnichannel, Flexibility and Globality. We currently serve more than 45 Countries, in addiction to all European countries, countries such as United Kingdom, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Our location is a strategic point from a logistical point of view, allowing us to reach any part of the World within 24-48 hours.

In 2022 the company closed with a net turnover of 329 million euros with PWC as Auditor and KPMG as Tax & Legal Advisor.

Currently, we have a team of more than 65 employees and an active worldwide customer’s base of more than 1,500. Our core business is focused on the smartphone and tablet category, but in recent years these categories have been gradually increasing, currently counting, in addition to those mentioned above, with headphones, game consoles, video games, TVs, ecosystems and computer products, with a view to extending the number of categories in the future.

Since the beginning, Riba Mundo Tecnología has put the customer on the center of its strategy. For this reason we offer a service known as ‘’Service 360º RMT’’, which basically consists on offer to our clients an individual service depending on their target, location, their target and their specialization, with the premise of offering the most competitive price of the market, free express logistic service and a wide brochure and availability.

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