The Riba Pentagon – EP. 1

Mirco Sorbo, Sales Director di Riba Mundo Tecnología SA

The Riba Pentagon is Riba Mundo Tecnología SA‘s new format in which members of management will answer five questions about their work, the consumer electronics market and the company.

The first guest of this first appointment is Mirco Sorbo , Sales Director of Riba Mundo Tecnología SA.

What are the main challenges that the B2B sector in the consumer electronics market is currently facing?

Mirco Sorbo: The B2B consumer electronics sector is grappling with crucial challenges, foremost among them being the rapid technological advancements that compel businesses to constantly adapt to the latest innovations. Another significant challenge relates to the complexity of the supply chain, involving an intricate and global network. Efficient management of logistics and distribution poses a complex challenge, requiring coordination across various phases to ensure swift timelines and cost-effectiveness.

What are the strengths of Riba Mundo?

Mirco Sorbo: Riba Mundo Tecnología has several strengths, but above all, I would like to mention:

  • a catalogue with thousands of products from over 85 brands;
  • a multilingual B2B ecommerce;
  • a multilingual team;
  • a proprietary management software;
  • an international corporate vision.

How are B2B customer relationships managed, and what initiatives are taken to improve the customer experience?

Mirco Sorbo: In Riba Mundo, every customer is important and is supported at every stage, starting from the moment they decide to engage with our company. Through an onboarding process, our clients become part of the Riba Mundo Tecnologia experience, characterized by a 360-degree service capable of meeting any need and delivering a positive user experience. Every day, we value our customers’ requests and transform them into services such as Riba Connect, Riba Logistics, and many others.

2023 was an incredible year for Riba Mundo in every aspect. What aspects saw the most growth?

Mirco Sorbo: Yes, I confirm that 2023 was an incredible year, with significant achievements and satisfaction. In addition to economic growth, Riba Mundo Tecnologia expanded as a team, now comprising over 70 employees. I emphasize this aspect because the team is one of our major strengths that has enabled us to achieve significant goals. Another positive aspect was the optimization of many work processes we implemented, simplifying and speeding up many activities, ensuring, for example, a shorter response time to customer requests.

How important is it today to be present at major industry events?

Mirco Sorbo: It is crucial for the company to be present at these events because they provide opportunities to meet both old and new clients, allowing us to share our story. This is why we invest annually in exhibition spaces at major international industry fairs such as IFA in Berlin or MWC in Barcelona, where, among other things, we will also be present this year.

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