June 9, 2021
PRESS RELEASE - Capital Increase

RIBA MUNDO TECNOLOGÍA: Completed increase of the share capital from euro 1.199.111 to euro 2.032.110

Valencia, June 3rd, 2021 – Riba Mundo Tecnología is pleased to announce the new capital increase, laying the foundations for the future development of the company.

The transaction, which took place thanks to the advice of PWC on 03/06/2021, sees the share capital increase by 70%, from euro 1.199.111 to euro 2.032.110.

"The capital increase operation just completed allows Riba Mundo Tecnología to consolidate its equity and create the basis for future investments, increasingly consolidating its role as a leading player in the IT scenario as a distributor and supplier across Europe of major brands", explain Francesco Passamonti, CEO of Riba Mundo Tecnología and Marco Dezi, Partner of Riba Mundo Tecnología.